Staff Directory

Our teaching and non-teaching staff are here to help. To reach a member of our team call 905-985-0153.

Name Grade/Position Phone Extension
Ms. A. O'Neill JK/SK 40342
Ms. A. Mcdonald (Pauze) JK/SK ECE 42174
Ms. J. De Lorenzi JK/SK 42175
Ms. O. Plommer JK/SK ECE 40734
Ms. M. Davis Grade 1/2 42231
Ms. R. Ghadery (Loewen) Grade 1/2 40512
Ms. K. Neilsen Grade 2/3 40313
Ms. D. Ford Grade 3/4 40313
Ms. C. Kleuskens Grade 4/5 40567
Ms. S. Fortier Grade 6/7 42422
Ms. C. Byrom Grade 6/7 40761
Ms. M. C. McClelland
Grade 8 41700 
Ms. B. Chiswell PST 55206

Mrs. E. De Swert

CCT/Library 55207

Ms. K. Tasse

French 41109
Ms. J. Trueman French 41104
Ms. J. Nardella Educational Assistant


Ms. H. Tonno-Van Nest Educational Assistant N/A
Ms. L. Williams Educational Assistant  N/A
Ms. S. Wilson Educational Assisant  N/A
Mr. G. Baxter Head Custodian 55205
Mr. J. Parker Custodian  40145